Why Write About Enslaved People?

“Why do you always write about slaves?” This is a question I get from time to time. I have come across publishers who say, point blank, “no slave stories.” Some believe that the only reason to write about slavery is to condemn it; anything else glorifies it. And, after all, they say, there is more […]

Art & Jazz in the Rose Gardens

Looking forward to participating in this event on Sunday, June 25.

Note from a Friend

My friend, Gloria B., wrote a nice note about IRA’S SHAKESPEARE DREAM, saying that it is “a lovely story to inspire and inform…” Thanks, Gloria!

Happy birthday, Mom!

My mom passed away earlier this year. Today would have been her 94th birthday. It seems like a good day for me to re-dedicate myself to sharing with others the things I love.  Mom was never happier than when she was sharing flowers from her garden or pralines from her kitchen. I may not have […]

Caroline Starr Rose Interview and Review

     Last summer at SCBWI‘s national conference, I struck up a conversation with another attendee while standing in a winding sandwich line. It was absolutely my pleasure to befriend a fellow former teacher turned author, someone who also writes historical fiction and picture books and has even tried her hand at verse. That night I […]

The Brown Bookshelf Interview

Glenda Armand When Glenda Armand read the autobiographies of Frederick Douglass, the story of his mother walking 12 miles each way to see him stayed with her. Armand, a mom of two, was moved by Douglass’ mother doing whatever it took to be with her son. She knew the story of their bond had to be shared. Winner of the Lee & Low New […]

Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

  Ira Aldridge dreamed of being on stage one day performing the great works of William Shakespeare. He spent every chance he got at the local theaters, memorizing each actor’s lines for all of Shakespeare’s plays. Ira just knew he could be a great Shakespearean actor if only given the chance. But in the early […]

Discussing Slavery and Mother-Son Relationships

 Love Twelve Miles Long is the story of a young Frederick Douglass and his mother, Harriet Bailey, who walked twelve miles to visit her son. In this BookTalk, author Glenda Armand discusses the bond between a mother and her child as well as the importance of discussing slavery with children today.What did you know about Harriet […]

Review: by BookDragon

Trust me on this one: Debut author Glenda Armand‘s Love Twelve Miles Long is THE perfect book to share today. “This was a special night,” the story begins, “Mama had come to visit …” Mama and her young son Frederick are slaves, forced to live separate lives, their moments together precious and brief. Mama walks 12 long miles to […]

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