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Helping Children Discover Real-Life Role Models

Buy biographical picture books that your kids or students will love. My name is Glenda Armand, and I have been publishing many stories for children since 2011. Through my books, I’m able to share the inspiring accounts of people who blossomed despite overwhelming odds.

Welcome To Glenda’s Garden

Glenda's Garden
Glenda with Floyd Cooper, illustrator of <i>Ira’s Shakespeare Dream.</i>
Glenda with Floyd Cooper, illustrator of Ira’s Shakespeare Dream.

What Keeps Me Going

Providing Windows and Mirrors

My biographies begin with the subject’s childhood, allowing children to see themselves in the subject. When the subject of the biography grows up to accomplish great things in spite of obstacles, children can see into a world different from their own and imagine their own possibilities.

Making History Come Alive

My goal is to introduce children to little-known historical figures who made great contributions to American history. In appreciating the lives of these African Americans, children gain a greater understanding of the part all of our ancestors played in creating America.

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For inquiries or more details about my picture books, please reach out to me today. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!