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Glenda Armand When Glenda Armand read the autobiographies of Frederick Douglass, the story of his mother walking 12 miles each way to see him stayed with her. Armand, a mom of two, was moved by Douglass’ mother doing whatever it took to be with her son. She knew the story of their bond had to be shared. Winner of the Lee & Low New […]

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Trust me on this one: Debut author Glenda Armand‘s Love Twelve Miles Long is THE perfect book to share today. “This was a special night,” the story begins, “Mama had come to visit …” Mama and her young son Frederick are slaves, forced to live separate lives, their moments together precious and brief. Mama walks 12 long miles to […]

Discussing Slavery and Mother-Son Relationships


 Love Twelve Miles Long is the story of a young Frederick Douglass and his mother, Harriet Bailey, who walked twelve miles to visit her son. In this BookTalk, author Glenda Armand discusses the bond between a mother and her child as well as the importance of discussing slavery with children today.What did you know about Harriet […]

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